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letra de niggas sooooo good - mach-hommy & tha god fahim


[these lyrics are intentionally locked and left partial due to a dmca takedown request. please do not edit the lyrics to include the removed sections.]

[verse 1: mach-hommy]

[chorus: mach-hommy]

[verse 2: tha god fahim]
sometimes you gotta hit your head hard to learn
haters on my heels, tryin’ to spread they germs
it’s real up in the field, and i got bread to earn
i hold my shield up, a n-gga’s stability firm
now watch the buildup, see how i really emerge
electrify my armaments, we really a surge
you can’t hold up to your words, ’cause you really a bird
couldn’t give benefit of doubt, ’cause it really occurred
they throwin’ boulders, so my heart got colder
in this swamp moat where guns get popped like soda
got a nice quote for smoke, we roll like strollers
burn more gas than twelve-cylinder motors
stayin’ separate from snakes, i ain’t feelin’ them cobras
put another tape together, resemblin’ supernova
it’s pen pyromancy; i’m fancy
i’m livin’ dandy, no lion
i been a winner, no tyin’
even a winter breeze ain’t cold as i am
i saw they downfall like leaves, we kept it flyin’
ain’t no mercy, all in my verses, bodies they denyin’
ain’t no coalition in the addition to the science
star student – how can any compare to our unit?
we movin’ past like flatulence, another bowel movement
i get the cash in excellence, it’s time to get to it
no hidin’ from the pestilence, we all done been through it
[chorus: mach-hommy]