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letra de happyness (skit) - mach-hommy & tha god fahim


um—this is so fun for me to talk about, ’cause n0body talks about the rich kid who’s gonna die
rich kid used to go to harvard ’cause grandpa built a f-ckin’ library, right?
then he or she went to goldman sachs or a law firm because grandpa did that, too, and they hid in the machine makin’ a million a year
that kid now is starting a company, but they’re soft, ’cause they’re a zoo animal – ’cause they were protected
and the market doesn’t give a f-ck who their grandpa was
and they’re gonna get exposed, and they’re gonna fall hard
i meet these kids evеry day
if you ask me who i’m more scared for: thе hood kids i hang out with every day, or the f-ckin’ trust fund babies?
not even close: trust fund babies, ’cause they’re gonna k!ll themselves (yeah)
’cause them kids are just gonna blame the president and grind
i’m tellin’ you, it’s gonna be bad
you know why i’m so happy? ’cause i think everything’s my fault
i’m being serious, it’s weird as sh-t, it took me a long time—
i’m like, “oh, sh-t!”
because the second you think it’s your fault and you don’t think anybody else controls your sh-t
you get happier