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letra de my lady - mac miller


“my lady”

2 records hard to find, so i thought i’d start this rhyme witha couple bars and lines of leavin’ it all behind.
i’ve had all the dimes and all are fine but now i need the one to call her mine.
ya know that girl that everybody wants but can’t have fat -ss, nice -ss, high cl-ss.
i get the last laugh now cause she under my arm, lay down hittin’ l lookin’ up at the stars.

i tell her listen i ain’t gonna do you wrong, forget what you hearin’ on my songs.
my always is gone i’ma be real with ya.
recently i’ve been lookin’ at the big picture.
perfectly framed see the way i’m workin’ the game,
take my name i’ma share all my fortune and fame.
beauty or brains, girl you all the above.
true player for real, but now i’m fallin’ in love.

i’m bout to get high with my lady [x6]

you used to the bullsh-t the dudes put you through it,
cupid never shot up such a nuisence see with me my love is with the music,
but baby you can be the next to it, my boys say i’m stupid i need to move along.
and when we fight i hope you use this song to get it right.
my moms is gettin’ jealous how i feel about her, and the fellas say i could deal without her.
see baby i ain’t playin’ around i don’t need cupid dude could have aimed at the ground cause that’s real, real.
just had to tell you how i feel, and the party tonights goin’ crazy, but i’m just here with my baby.
i love the way that she makes me, i’ma just gonna kick it with her and break tree’s.

i’m bout to get high with my lady [x6]

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