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letra de instakill - ​maajins


[verse 1]
yuh, yuh, ima send em home, yuh
ima count my bag, yay
throw that pack my homes, yuh
flex up that lil b-tch mad
take these n-ggas out, woah
just give me yo f-cking cash, yuh
ima air it out, we gon do you bad
i was tryn hear him out, ha!
that f-ck n-gga trash, yuh
she taking her piercings out, we getting it on won’t hit you back
f-ck that k won’t save no ho
real young n-gga won’t pay no ho
he down bad say he stand up bro
with a jit from the bidge no handout bro
smoking that weed like it’s antidote
upping that g he gon panic ho
i tote that sh-t down, she can’t stand me ho
we superior n-ggas can’t top our flow, b-tch !
yea, mm, yea, mm, yea, uh yea

[verse 2]
yeh, whipping these n-ggas like bells
i’m lowering the pack out the field
other team give a f-ck how you feel
these n-ggas is bots to me, its to k!ll you p-ssing this sh-t foreal
yea my left and right hit, this sh-t ain’t no pan we empty that clip foreal
i’m a real young n-gga, you can tell just by my walk
pull these balenci jeans up, she throw that ass no tomahawk
she tryn’ cuff no preena, it ain’t sh-t to talk about
p-ssy ahh n-gga tryn’ team up
hand me the rock, put greens up
i know some n-ggas that sit in confinements
i’m wit max, blow up like a comet
he on the net, give a f-ck ’bout yo comment
pop out n-ggas hiding the move like adonis
i need like 10k or else i ain’t responding
ho-hop on the mic b-tch i rap like the rent due
n-ggas they follow the leader like hench do
brodi dem tweak off the beat like senzu
i’m on the stage rock out like kurt
up that g we get him hurt
he took his shorty give him murk
we took his forty he get burnt
twin locked in say get em turnt
spin do the drill yea we leave in a hurry
boy i hunch yo b-tch, i’m finn’ by her mcflury
i’m in the paint b-tch f-ck d rose
my name maajins i f-ck these hoes
mama said, “boy who cut yo clothes?”
got no za, ima cut yo bowl
real young flex ima hunch yo ho

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