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letra de when death becomes you - m.o.p.


(feat. 50 cent)

[chorus: 50 cent]
there’s nowhere to run to, when death becomes you
some say you soul may burn in the flame
can front if you want too, but n-gg-z who merk you
will come to your tombstone and p-ss on your grave
you a rider right?, down to ride tonight?
n-gg- you gone ride or you gone die tonight
n-gg- c-ck the steele, it’s kill or be killed
n-gg- sh-t is real in the field

[verse 1: billy danz]
what’s the procedures n-gg-, when you got a hammer in your mouth?
will you lay down and cry? will you stand up and die?
like the man that i am (fire, yes, yes)
i’m a legend in the town, now
since your all gangstad up let’s get the f-ck down
big bill danz and i’m reppin for buck town
n-gg-z see me dummin, i’m coming clutching the pound
don’t worry bout my whereabouts, we air ’em out clear ’em out (yes, yes)
the pressures on now, you need to get your hammers out (ddd-dats what’s up)
you too tough n-gg-, you done wrap it up
brownsville (cl-cl-cl-clap it up)
fif put in the call, we ready to brawl with every one of you all (yes, yes)


[verse 2: lil fame]
you got these young n-gg-z hollering’ (murda-ra)
copper tops on my block, like (bloc, bloc, bloc)
n-gg-z don’t give a f-ck
i seen a n-gg- shoot my moms
right in front of my motherf-cking face
see in the ‘ville’ ain’t no such thing as a stray bullet
when your index finger on the trigger and you pull it
slugs ain’t never out of season
all you gotta do is give a motherf-cker one reason
blood stains on the cement
same place he stood, that’s were you leave em’
and don’t back it out unless your squeezing off with your gun
cause you gone get your punk -ss robbed for your gun
you know the drill
i’m a give your -ss 3 seconds to bounce
and you better not jog, n-gg- run
(one) f-ck that [gun shot x3] , dumb b-tch, rest in p-ss