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letra de we won't stop - m.o.d [ministri of defence]


man is cheeky
tryna be friends, tryna make religious amends
when his life is dirty like the river thames
running down the cheese and dinero
but the truth will declare though
even if your heart’s hard like pharaoh
like moses wash you down with the word just like hoses
the lord proposes like windolene to make you squeaky clean
man who’s unredeemed, his life is ugly like the wolverine
it’s time for you to meet the go-bеtween
christ the nazarene
i’m widе awake but in a dream
check the garments as they gleam
jesus and the church
the king of pearly queen?
i know your life ain’t been nothing but a disaster scene
why not invite christ to intervene
some say we’re radical, overzealous
some say we’re over keen
but i’ll spit till i split my spleen
until then i’ll entrust my life unto jehovah
for real i can’t stop until it’s over

we won’t stop until it’s over
we won’t stop until it’s over, over
we won’t stop until it’s over
we won’t stop until we overcome and the race is won
until we see the face of the son
the race is not given to the swift
nor the battle to the strong
but to the one that keeps pressing on
i’ve seen casualties lost on the way
like ships at sea
that couldn’t ride out a rough hurricane
to obtain is just a start of the game
for the real is the pain that you feel
as you hold fast and try to maintain
every day we pray new heights we’d obtain
that we light the night like moon-lit clouded skies
and summertime after rain
every trial is allowed for our gain
all that can be shook is shaken till the truthful remains
fire’s a purifier
flames of refinement purge your soul like gold
as we endure and we strive for the gold
and you know we don’t travel alone
the holy spirit
the paraclete
he be leading us home
like a dog with a bone
and like teenage girls talking on phones
you know say we not let go
no we won’t stop
you know we bring it boldly
for the lord stepping out bravely
lord i praise thee for the day that you saved me
i can’t bring it vaguely or vainly like others
but mainly coz the text declares plainly
different people trust in different things
going to a different length
but we’re gonna trust that you will show your strength
i have to let it out
the gospel have to get it out
some record companies
lord your name they wanna edit out
even though they selling out
the gospel i’ll be yelling out
they got theirs
we get ours when we come upstairs
i can’t be caught imitating the world
when my life is supposed to reflect christ
yo i’m tired of money-hungry mean people
grabbing greedily
lord return speedily
come change the scenery
your holy spirit’s leading me
saying that no one can diminish it
your work we can’t cease until we finish it

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