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100 - m-kay



studio grinding bro i’m never out making friends look i’m done with the obvious pretence / keep it 100 bro way before abacus only fake smiles when i pose for the lens / look at how far we done come from the days when umjolo was romany creams ne ps / drosty hof done replaced tropika —hearts are now cold bro antarctica / keep your distance with the bs / 09 gave away my pfs / —your caption reads inj’ ya kotini / ngeskiba esodwa nje se gs / i call your boyfie anonomyous / promoters head hunting they onto us / wealth and more life to the homeys / —-plenty weed don’t call the cops on us

[verse 1]

word to the real ones who keep it 1 hunnid and all of the huns who never kiss and tell / bottle of henny a blunt on the other my outfit too wavy bro i’m doing well / i’ve just been talking to god and we both get along he’s just thankful my soul i didn’t sell / i’m ouchea fighting temptation the devil is tryna recruit he need angels in h-ll / don’t get blinded by the gold / don’t ever do as you’re told / we put that work in and get on our knees then layback watch the blessings unfold—-/ till it turns black and white we’ll go down on this road / bros over all that’s the code / gps straight to commission / i’m what the game has been missing / now that you’re here what’s gon happen to rappers bro i’ll make em fall like they dominoes —/ i’ve seen nigguhs starve together seen em share rooms then get separated by common hoes / nigguhs always tryna chance us/ never ever give us chances / is it cause they all scared and they hate i’m a girl and they know that i’m bwt to surp-ss em / don’t let the p-ssy get past us is that the motto for you rappers / is that the motto for you broke -ss producers whose self proclaimed hits always misses / bwt to tell it all on this record/ if you’ve ever played me don’t listen / if you’ve ever played me know you played yourself we’re cooking get outta the kitchen /


[verse 2]

only outgrow those who don’t wanna grow / only break bread with the nigguhs you know / too many chancers and not enough goats / too many runners but only one bolt / the henny is our new tradition / the money is our new religion / the women all in compet-tion / you rappers all need discipling