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letra de aethos with lyrics - luke goji


[intro: john newton & lance thirtyacre]
amazing grace, how sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me
i once was lost but now am found-
are you f-cking high?

[verse 1: jeffy and marvin: luke goji]
watch the static skies seal your gruesome demise
world divine had reached its deadline
what the h-ll, jeffy? i’m your f-cking father
oh, no sunshine
listen to me, no need to be a monster…
we’re irrelevant, now inelegant
please, jeffy..
public shame that is forevermore, infinite!
such burning hatred with our downgradement
but can’t we still make a living out of these kids?
f-ck you daddy! agggggggggggh!

[verse 2: luke goji: both]
what’s the point of trying
they’ll still be watching
the things that we did to make it better
but then, came the naive
even with these braindead children
we could still make content for them!
after all, we can appreciate them!
and even with such “autism”
i can still achieve perfection!
let the world be torn asunder!
let the axes destroy your wonders!
reality breaks down like the internet
but there’s still hope for those who’ll be replaced with isotopes!
come on, jeffy!
[verse 3: luke goji: both]
we were something
and now we’re nothing!
and we’ve been reborn, still looked down with scorn
don’t say that! come on, superstar!
no one gives a f-ck, sucks to suck
we’re worthless, we are no longer superstars
we’ve come far, by enduring scars, push on!
we’re still funny, aren’t we jeffy?
don’t lose that spark along the dark
oh, hey now, you’re an all-star, jump up high, my rockstar
oh, son why can’t you just see that
daddy, mommy, why me? oh..

[chorus: luke goji]
there’s no gain!
there’s a gain!
it’s always the same
it’s not always the same
we’re big but no game
we’re big, there’s a game!
now it’s the past
you are now mine
the outcast will now pay the fine
death’s contract you’ll sign!
pay the toll..
just give your soul!
don’t lead this into dissension!
don’t make this future’s conclusion
please son, oh…
[verse 5: logan and lance thirtyacre, luke goji]
i, hate, green beans, daddy!
you b-tch!
agh he’s trying to touch my wiener!
i feel more than just lifeless….
f-ck that b-tch!

[verse 6: luke goji]
indefatigable, tell me now daddy
do you really think that winning’s achievable?
this is ’bout surviving
no point in fighting
you’re gone, oh gone
just like a mindless zombie rewriting
give into your fate, can’t you see it’s already too late?
judgement day, oh judgement day, you will pay
is it all my fault, are you blinded by hate?
something’s making you that way
is it
that ball?
that ball!
nothing was ever the same
its no longer about youtube’s game
don’t care, no more
stop bringing up the d-mn distant past!
getting aggressive just like before, come on now
we can’t keep doing this anymore!
end this night, we can’t just stand here and fight
when you’ve a choice, set it right!
it’s far too late now, can’t you see?
[verse 7: luke goji, original singing by smlwikijeffyfan99]
the deed is done
i drank, an 8-ball of coke
and now, i’m, wretched and broke
as i stare, into the endless aethos, i slap, my diaper with woe, oh..
oh, why jeffy? oh why, do you hate me?
in despair, i may drown, i don’t care, this is my final showdown!

[dialogue: voice: smlwikijeffyfan99]
that 8-ball of coke?
it really does somethin’ to ya’..
but now, i see the truth
my eyes have opened
and i feel the ascension coming
daddy, i told you, i hated green beans
and you still gave them to me!
but now you see..

long pause

[verse 9: luke goji]
here comes the f-cking breakdown!
take the step, k!ll yourself
f-cking worthless piece of sh-t
there’s nothing you f-cking rodent
oh, why can’t you just die? aaagggggggggh!
f-ck you b-tch, you’re adopted, glad you ain’t my blood
stupid c-nt, go burn inside a ditch!
you’re in their world and i’m the exterminator
shut the f-ck up, see you never alli-ga-tor
i hate you, oh, i really hate you!
end it then, b-tch!
there’s no denying
that this is my finalized ending
oh, “son”, i hate youuuuuuuuuu!

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