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who got it? - lulvone


ok who got it ,yea
they know lulvone he got it
ok he pushing
he got it, who got it
aye i’m trying out
tryn to who got it ,yea

[verse 1: lulvone]
shorty she know that i got it
i’m really iconic,i’m really gone do all this sh-t
my youngins they poppin
i’m really the boss of the business
i’m really gone handle the sh-t
n-ggas they bogus
they really ain’t holding you down
they just really want money and sh-t
never trusted n0body ,no soul
ian trusting no b-tch ,i really just wanna get rich
told that p-ssy boy get off my b-tch
i know that you ain’t having her
know that lil boy he gone try to snitch
i cheat just to get back at her
my youngins whiling and sh-t
shorty got the pipe on her
n-ggas ain’t gone try
she blow the sh-t that’s why i’m wifing her
[verse 2: lulvone]
loving this girl ian choosing no b-tch
running this sh-t like a muf-cking lap
im tapping that hoe when she wan a get in
taking this hoe in the back
of this muf-cking wip
f-ck these lil b-tches i’m hating y’all
im hating ya n-ggas foreal in this sh-t
she gone try to come lay down
and play it off
she gone lay down the law and
come play with the kid
blrrrrrd,i gotta stay with these bands
i ain’t chasing no hoe,i just wanna get head
i can’t link with these b-tches
i know where i’m at
ian playing with you ,i be gettin my get back
shorty wan vibe ok just sit back
she want the gas i pass to hit that
ian playing with you,i’m getting my l!ck back

[verse 3: lulvone]
ian vibin wit hoes my shorty i need she throwing the neck she tell me to sit bck
i be applying the pressure on shorty she kno she can’t take it i’m askin her did you hit dat
these hoes ain’t sh-t to me no mo i realize these n-ggas ain’t gettin no diss back
dese n-ggas they scary kissin thru the phone
i’m takin your gun you can’t get yo shi back
[verse 4: lil swurvo]
knowing you can’t get yo sh-t back
you shot at my cousin lil n-gga
you ran (b-tch)
talk on the internet n-gga
i slide on yo block and slide on your manz(go)
tell these n-ggas to please stop hiding
i’m trying to leave sh-t dead
honestly i don’t care what he said
need to get that sh-t right to his head
i been just smoking this dope
taking gas right to the head
i be talking to god
i just wan let some sh-t blow
n-ggas they talk on my name
and dey not even my opps
i be just walk round with your hoe
she giving me brain
she not thinking she loosing her mind
and no you is not my lil bro
you is not my lil gang you not my
muf-ckin tribe
i’m tryna sell her some sh-t
i just pop me a addie
got bricked off of perk
she tryna suck on my d-ck
but her name really not a soul ,i gotta work
i really f-ck wit that b-tch
i beat on that p-ssy
make me wanna surf(on god)
you really be texting this hoe
ion be in yo b-tch and i’m making her twerk
know that i’m throwing these racks
the f-cking your hoe
i might beat it from the back
you can get knocked off the map
this ain’t no fortnite but
i gotta hit you wit the tack
i been just poppin my muf-cking task
i think that’s why all these n-ggas be mad
d-mn,i got the muf-ckin bag in my hand
i hate this n-gga be talkin smack
then he ran
god d-mn,big bands
big rims,my friends,n0body
but me and her ,on me
like a perc,i’m to geek
make her twerk,off her feet



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