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letra de putting him down - lukimea


[intro: lukimea & sample of arnold schwarznegger]
because, after dinner, everyone ought to have a cigar
i am a stud, i am b-llsy
i don’t take no sh-t from anyone
i smoke my stogie anywhere i want
i don’t have to find a hideout place like you
where do i begin? (discord server)
let me read out the first letter of this sentence (15 years)
i sentence you to a fire diss (we’re not kidding, bruh)
gon’ get hit, reputation shatterеd
no madness, i’m talking facts

cosmic meat rider, you thought i wasn’t donе yet
we found your messages when you’re talkin’ to a son, man
bro that guy’s probably 13 years old
what the f-ck are you doin’? you been f-ckin’ grown, like
15 and a half, finna snap you in half
on discord, you attack, but you’re not of the pack
you’re a punk-ass b-tch with some f-cked-up lips
you and your boyfriend can go suck a d-ck, like
time for your boyfriend to meet his doom, bruh
on discord he looks like a f-cking groomer
if i send his profile to the fsb
he gon’ get locked up, b-tch, and they did it for free, like (and now listen to this, bruh)
“nghhh i wanna get down on my knees for you so badly” (god d-mn, i wanna puke)
“okie, this is a public server, i’ll stawp” (how y’all doin’ this in a public server, bruh?)
“hehe that’s good, turnin’ me on” (oh my god, y’all motherf-ckers is deviant)
shoutout to skeleton for this image, bruh, he a goon
and that wasn’t even all, bruh, i got some more sh-t on you, bruh
retr0- listen to this, bruh
“that’s cute, love your username, ehehe”
“alright, hah, you’re making me soft”
“naw, i wanna make you hard instead, teeheehee” (gotta call the police on this motherf-cker)
“not talking about my d-ck, ughhh”
“i know, just saying”
“alright” (ain’t no way i’m letting him go, bruh)
he tagged his own boyfriend and said “has a gyat” (this is 911, what is your emergency?)
i got a little more sh-t on you, bruh (call me, bruh)
he says “i know you m-st-rbate to twinkies” (ah h-ll nah)
and then mickey says “too funny”, uh
retr0’s boyfriend, guess what he said? (what?)
he said “retr0’s already punishing me” (d-mn)
and then mickey say- he said- guess what (what?)
he said “i got a penegy”
then he- and then retr0’s boyfriend, he corrected himself, said “daddy retr0” (d-mn)
and then retr0 responded with what? (what?) “oh yeah i am” (d-mn)
mickey responded with a sus face emoji (as he should)
and guess what (what?) guess what retr0 did then (what he do?)
he responded (what?) to that (how?) message with “oh yeah i am” (d-mn, again?)
i don’t even know what the f-ck he doin’, bruh, he on some weird sh-t, bruh
(sending all available units)
now the police on your ass, boy, you not gettin’ out of this alive, boy, i’ma skin you alive
you got condemned to the sps chat ’cause you a f-ckin’ b-tch, boy
you and your godd-mn boyfriend be groomin’ motherf-ckers like 13 year olds, my boy trf
shoutout my boy trf, he never meant- he never did anything wrong
bro’s young and impressionable, bruh, he’s just young and y’all motherf-ckers be tweakin’
y’all motherf-ckers teaching him words that shouldn’t be learned, bruh
f-ckin’ deviants, degenerate f-cks, scumbags
yagikira, you’re f-cking russian and you dare to be like this, bruh
you dare to be doin’ people like this, bruh
retr0, you a f-ckin’ punk-ass b-tch, i’ma shoot you in your hip
i’m not gon’ do that, though
i’m not gon’ do that ’cause i’m a f-ckin’ nice guy, i’m lukimea, bruh
i’m lukimea, i deal with this respectfully
but, with all due respect, yagikira and retr0, both of you can meet your doom at the grave, bruh

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