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letra de summertime horrors – lucki


[verse: lucki]
i can be your summertime horrors
you can stay around if you love me
b-tch don’t count my blessings
hoe i’m lucki
bro we gon’ be rich if this go right
b-tch i got that act in my system ’cause it’s showtime
percocet bandito back then when they ain’t know rhymes
deception in my blood, yup ima pay you back in no time
you heard ’bout that hoe lying, you trippin’ hoe this yo’ time
i can go with anybody any order
i got ten zips in my duffy
i can’t do this (?) but the supreme
i don’t know who paying for this uber
if that hoe leave me she know game ’cause i schooled her
still propane in these washed up ksubis
finesse game strong if the cops come, prove it
still with my slime, g-ssin’ up being stupid