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letra de mamura - love hunters


i know you like small shy girl
i never called you mom
but loved you more than i love myself
i still haven`t change, goodbye!

and when you put yor hand in my hair mom
i`m forever same- your boy
littl` damy-that i always ment
lonley in stormy night!

i never treat you
you rarely see me
but i loved you -like a sky!

i was livin` in the cellar
i was dyin` on the sun
i was walkin` on the seas
mother, i`m sorry

when it`s difficult to be
don`t stop thinkin` on me
who has livin` like beast
mother i`m sorry

i will fly like sitting bull to it`s birdnest
i`ll be dead for a long time as you see me!
but i will find our fortune
wherewer it can be!

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