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letra de good will hunting - louis culture


brains on the loose
i been out my mind
when i think of what’s important
do i count my life?
i been breathing
but i weren’t making the most of it
what’s my profit to losses?
i was working full time

nike cheque came through yeah
i was in the stockroom
almost shed a tear
cos you dunno what we got through

really from a place where they don’t hesitate to drop you
or give out c-sections even when a baby’s not due
poverty will make a man act out of character
way too aggy for clarity it’s embarrassing
now i see stems like an engineer
the ratio of trauma to your happiness
my brothers hurting
and womеn taking the bullet
from school pictures you’d of thought that
wе was all goodens

then sh-t got real,you had to pattern up
or get pushed to the side
there’s no nice way to put it

louis culture
south west baby yeah
maria’s son
7 schools
big blazer,pockets had my pees for tuck
family was beefing guess that’s why
i didn’t need your love
barely knew how the feeling felt
cards that i been dealt
and i never had a full house
still living in my flat
tryna get out
i don’t know about dad
cos he weren’t here
them atlanta trips are blurry
plus it’s been years

so the man that you see is a product of me
and my mother doing everything she could just for me
and my bruddahs looking out cos they care about me
rang pullen for a tick when i ran out of pees
rang n0body when the darkest times would approach
cos there’s certain things you have to figure out on your own
you want me smiling in the pic but
thats not how i feel
maybe someday it returns
till then i’m out for the k!ll