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summer's almost over - loudon wainwright iii


summer’s almost over, soon it’s back to school
soon they drain the water out of the swimming pool
adopt a brand new att-tude, a positive outlook
buy yourself some pencils and a loose leaf notebook

summer’s almost over, a new season’s coming up
time to gird your loins and don your jockstrap and your cup
the hiatus it is ending, the lax living has to stop
get rid of that beer belly, do wind sprints ’til you drop

summer’s almost over, september’s ’round the bend
temperatures are dropping, summer love must end
the one you met upon the beach, knew in the canoe
you must tell her at the cookout your romance is through

summer’s almost over, fading like a tan
vacation time is running out like an unplugged fan
labor day is coming, whet the old grindstone
for all those lazy, hazy, crazy days you must atone