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letra de no time – lord stunnah



i’m on the road, i got a show
i can’t hit u back, you’ll mess up my flow
wait hold up
i’m in my mode, yeah i’m in my zone
go for the bag, thats all that i know

i know it hurts you, i don’t put you first
but i can’t slack i gotta put in work
no i don’t stress it i just hit the curve
now you could find someone that u deserve


cause i ain’t got no time for youuuu
i ain’t got no time for youuuuuu
now i ain’t got no time^ for youuuu
no i ain’t got no time for youuuuu


u could hit me up, but don’t link me up
keep a bad b-tch she gon lick me up
they tryna take everything from me
i know these hoes tryna stick me up

i know some n-gg-s thats really up
not a day these n-gg-s lit me up
dog u had clout for a minute
but you ain’t did enough, i’ll bring my city up, (the x)
remember them days that you try to curve me
now who the one asking for verses
just to get in i’d show up real early
even when i was performing
& it isn’t worth it, i been observing, n-gg- your club can’t afford me
thats why i move , how i gotta move
n-gg- cus i’ll do u dirty



i ain’t got no time, i said i ain’t got no time
swear im bouta change my number strangers blowing up line
ask me what you doing, where you been
n-gg- on my grind
don’t you see me focused
only money on my mind

look at me now, look at me now
i gotta check on me now, you cannot check on me now
i went from coppin a ounce, to coppin a pound
ended up breaking it, breaking it down
every time you come around
dj’s they playing my sound
v i p, when we hit up a lounge
one of the reasons ya hate on me now
yeah, yeah
had to act slow around. all of these n-gg-s
i always knew how to move smarter
it was my birthday i ain’t even hear from my daughter, sh-t make me grind harder
f-ck all that weak sh-t you try to pull on me
is only making me stronger
coulda turn me to a monster
ima my story till it prosper