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letra de 021 - looptroop


straight from up north
this is the real world westaroze is next door
since loop troop were born toys are long gone
so let me just put 021 on the map
out of sight of the track into the large scr-p
jao outdoor parties drinkin beer at the appletrees
three or four times a week at least
its just the sixtys of the seven two postcode
everybodys getting stoned but noone got low
though i gotta give love to everybody seventyfivers
all end up betwen two seventyniners
jeis , arom , suer and all the writers cpt, pmb you know the oldtimers
bombing from your near starting out with mad styles
nowadays kids don’t seem to go fifty miles
still we are up at night never
loosing the apet-te for destruction in our artistic production
i gotta say peace to chilly , what and secondglas
muchely compare easely in his own cl-ss
my friends , my crew much love no doubt
cosm.i.c aka tjyvtjompa sign it out!
gotta give love to vsters
a whole lot of respect
representin vsters straight from up north
chek it out!
i was born nineteenseventysix
regular way as me eyes brains clickt she eat d-ck
nine months later in no need of resperator
a healthy young boy to meet his future edicators
location : vsters the cildrens world
where stars are born a story back where im from
not the city of cubecombers but the city of graffitibombers
the type that say f-ck copers
to bee honest in itself this city is pretty wacked
that’s why i gotta give props to where skills is realy at
like my man raw brought many troubles to the bus and traincompanies
with a couple of crews
who begins an action in ims hit the establishment
bl–dy headaches like pms
he used to hang out with another friend of mine
with about sixhundred pieces tags like cat , coid and job
hey you way with a brand new wave to use a can of spray
can i kick it , yes you may
f-ck my man out all your penelty
remember when we use to kick it with me and embee
listen to the hip hop and it don’t stop
i was shoked the first time ya got cought by the cops
if it wasn’t for the three of you graffiti in westaroze would be a diffrent thing
jao you are the living kings!
gotta give love to vsters
a whole lot of respect
representin vsters straight from up north
vsters , vsters my city in love
and everything in vsters ya be dreaming of
you might be cool if you come from other towns
yet the loop troop control this underground
i love that stockholm style
the boulevard conected with cobenhagen
but vsters is where my heart is forever staying
acapillars with the megaphone freestyle in the bas-m-nt
we do whatever to get our people entertained
this place is representing alcoholics
yes vsters is shining you’ll get a whole f-cking eclipse
hot tips , don’t ever contfont supreme and pst
compering me you i look like a bendover easely i wright the
hooking up cheaper outside the tip top
this top cat dressed in ripptops who stop living hip hop
might be killing this twelve pack with a graffmarket
who would that be?
call — — two double one two
i answear with a f-ck you
my name’s supreme to vsters im telling the truth
cos that city’s my own
i was born , raced and grown in vsters, vsters
yoo there’s no place like home!
gotta give love to vsters
a whole lot of respect
representin vsters straight from up north
gotta give love to vsters
a whole lot of respect
loop troop vsters