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letra de black hole - lnh dolo & lnh marko


(i’ve gotta black hole in my chest)
(giving it my all steady trying my bad)

i’ve gotta black hole in my chest
i gave it my all yeah i gave it my best
i don’t got no time to beef with these n-ggas only thing i got time for is these figures

i said who is that looking thicker than a snicker
after everything i got my thoughts still missing
i got echoes in my head i don’t get it
they say let go but i can’t i still miss it
i remember having withdrawals now i go to the bank and withdraw
even if it seem that i’m far away i’m with y’all
how the f-ck you say you’d play your role and then you switched out
starting up that bullsh-t tryna put me in the mix now

i’ve gotta black hole in my chest
(black hole in my chest)
you know i gave it my all you know i tried my best
imma be me everyday till they lay me to rest
(till the day i die)
achilles with no heel you know im gone go flex
lnh we on top know we bound to blow next
told marko and maddie hold up bros it’s time to flex
lil b-tch f-cking with the crew she know we up next
(we up next)
mama told me when i was a youngin always chase a check
never chase a b-tch
cause when you chase the paper you gone always win
money gone always be yo number number one friend
it don’t make everything better but it sure help you see the wins
been on some positive sh-t i been tryna grow
you a snake in the grass know you hating on the low
lnh run through the paper we gone blow
extend the lens up on the bl!ck i think i need a scope
(i’ve gotta hole in my chest)
(black hole in my chest)
i thought you wanted me for to win

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