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letra de always - lndn drgs


[intro: jay worthy]
aw d-mn
[?] n-ggas hating [?]
it’s me and larry in this ho, you know
[?] all the way [?] you know what i mean?
by this point, [?] westside [?]
you know how wwe get down

[verse 1: jay worthy]
aw d-mn, it’s me and larry in this b-tch
you was flexin on the ‘gram, but you was scary as a b-tch
hit the [?] cherry in this sh-t
i can never be a punk, i’ve been with it from the jump
palace [?] with the orange low dubs
pour another shot, say she need another drink
pour another [?] sipping easter pink
i’m so caught up in the game, what the f-ck these n-ggas think?
i ain’t looking for a deal, b-tch, i’d rather sign myself
n-ggas signing buster deals, why they sitting on the shelf?
i can never do that, tell [?] cut the chеck
i put my whole hood on, you can go and ask the west
i was sliding through thе [?] hanging out of [?]
[?] new gangsta sh-t, with my b-tch [?]
said i’m back in this b-tch, like i never left
i’m rapping [?] we was on [?]
[chorus: james ingram]
i want you always
i want you always
i want you always

[verse 2: larry june]
i talk that sh-t, and my lifestyle match it
i’m beating they ass, everything i drop a classic
frisco n-gga, with a pocket full of hunds
she calling me daddy, and socking the funds
all to the motherf-cking trentches
always wasn’t rich, but i always had b-tches
came from eating rice, to drop top 6’s
you n-ggas ain’t f-cking with this motherf-cking [?]
beat in the back, my life is a fact
i peep something fishy, then i’m reaching for the strap
dipping, moving
looking for a bag
you [?] tricking on that ass
what’s happening?

[chorus: james ingram]
i want you always
i want you always
i want you always

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