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letra de squeeze first - lloyd banks


squeeze first


[chorus: {dj whoo kid}]
i’m a – squeeze first ask questions last
that’s how most of these so called gangstas p-ssed. {come on!} [gun c-cks]
so i’m a – squeeze first ask questions last [shot]
and if i pull it, i’m a pop it so stay out of my way. {d-mn!}
cause i’m a – squeeze first [gun c-cks] ask questions last… (uh!) [gunshot]

i ain’t the richest but i’m richer than y’all!
sh-t! – bank$ is like a young will chamberlan – all i do is f-ck b-tches and ball. (yeah!)
18 n-gg-s’ll splatter you for talkin’ that sh-t
you might as well hire a doctor to walk around with. {whoooooo!}
n-gg- your own blood’ll soak your clothes [shot]
and i ain’t worried about you, comin’ back cause you can’t smell beef with a broken nose. (f-ck!)
from now on – keep your cars and your homes tinted (uh-huh!)
your peice’ll shine if you had some more stones in it. (ha!)
if you ain’t dunkin’ or dumpin’ then go to h-ll home (uh-huh!)
cause the only clip on your hip hold your cell phone. (oooh!)
i know you’re focused you’ve been writin’
but all your beggin’ – is chewin’ [shot] {god-… } off my ear like tyson. {d-mn! }
i need a bag big enough to get my mens straight
so i’m a need a o dog, and i ain’t talkin’ like larenz tate. (hm-hm!)
a og told me to market with the block (right!)
he been around since they hit {whoooooooooooooooooooooooo} martin with the rock.
{kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid! } don’t make me send n-gg-s to your apartment with the glock
(uh-huh!) they eat all your food up and stomp you in you’re socks (uh!)
i got rocks and n-gg-s can’t afford to buy it [gun c-cks] (uh!)
that’s why i got beef bigger than kelly price before the diet. {haha! } (ooooh!)
you ain’t gonna stain up my sheets so i’m a chose the couch
and if you on your period you got to use your mouth. {whoooooooo! }
some remain and some switch when the hoes got us (uh-huh!)
that’s why i know more tricks than the globe trotters. (uh-huh!)
we’ll rush your studio maskin’ our picture
make you stutter (huh?) – and say your (uh!) verse (uh!) faster than twista. {what?}
you ain’t headin’ in here – cause when we in hotels
they got to lock the floor down like the presidents there. (get back!)
you would think givin’ top is a problem
but my b-tch can suck d-ck with braces on without poppin’ the condom. (uh-huh!) {whoooooo!}
all the groupies want to show they face
after the shows, they follow the cars longer than the o.j. chase. [shot]

squeeze first {god-…} ask questions last… {d-mn!}
gangstas p-ssed! {“mo money… in the bank… “}
squeeze first ask questions last. {part 2! }
that’s how most of these so called gangstas p-ssed. {lloyd bank$!}
“mo money in the bank”! {rookie of the year!}
it’s 2003! [beat stops] {what?} [gun c-cks]