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letra de flight school - lloyd banks


high as i lift off, mr. i’m so fly
flying in the spur with the nickel nine close by
triple fat gucci ice sickles hanging off my;
neck, wrist, fingers, like a f-ckin eskimo ma’
you know i, get the p-ss where they say aloha
don’t i, flow like the sh-t that get the boat by
we don’t get along with these n-gg-s and ya’ll know why
just a bandana no scarf no bow tie
d-boy college boy, no difference
out here the strays’ll erase existence
lil n-gg-s is taught to mind they business
meaning, only the pastor’ll find the witness
the lord’ll work it out, spritual fitness, and this is
the germ flow, lyrical sickness
limited intress, if u ain’t talkin money scram
a hundred grand bring death like the son of sam
blam, big kaboom out the fo’ double
you bleedin eternal it ain’t a small puddle
when you swag shoot to the roof the mall rush you
the more miles to get to it the more hustle
v twelve on roids, all muscle
had the hammer hand back in small shuffle
i’m so jupiter, i should build my own throne
can’t grab ma swag ma swag out the o zone
every now and then i grab out the old phone
get a lil throwback dome in so and so’s home
i got it all sewn, feel like a new jack
dress like a jacker, everything to the shoes black
i got the new kite, wish i could send the news back
my words go so far and they know how to use that
move back, my n-gg-s in here, with a few straps
and new lacs, pushin two hunred in twenty two stacks