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letra de hi roller - little feat


hi roller and a lowball jack
stuck outside trying to truck it on back
marooned on a lake, in a bad border town
watchin’ the marks lay their money down

hey now jack, say hi, here’s a sight to see
there’s a queen of hears, and her fancy’s free
ace in the hole, it feels so nice
i’m just a fool, in a pair of dice

so hi roller, you’re a lowball jack
stuck out of luck, get on back
she said she’s a winner, that was easy to see
i told her there was something she could do for me, yeah

lady, oh lady, be the wild card in my hand
i can’t win for losing
in this no man’s land
i been dealin’ from the bottom
the bottom of the deck
blind alleys and dead ends, it’s a lousy