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letra de 138 reasons why... - lit fam


[verse 1]
why the f-ck the group chat talking so much
funny how the mouth too fast but you need a crutch
all you old -ss boomers sound all out of touch
about to keep this sh-t 100 foot down on the clutch
lit fam balling and sh-t, gl-ss ankles falling -ss b-tch
finna take ya -ss to court, my daddy callin it in
your teams looking weak as f-ck man you can’t even win
move ya -ss out the country
london bridge fallin again

[break 1]
awww sh-t
you know lit fam had some sh-t to say
y’all better get ready for round 2
mantas you know i’m coming for you

[verse 2]
now i know what y’all are saying
this sh-t is kinda hot
could’ve invested in lit fam
instead you did not
now you lookin like a dummy cause i’m poppin off
this a lit fam exclusive
watch all you b-tches flip flop
now let’s start to get to the meat of my creation
griff your dry -ss brisket broke the whole simulation
wand out here looking like he the broke slim shady
cams the chlamydia filled knock off version casey
i’d like to mention brown but it might get a little racey
my bars throwing blows knock the nose off chases face see (sae mother f-cker)
i know what y’all are saying he’s a monster he’s not human
but i’m here to say that i’m here to stay won’t be no running off to houston (greene)

[break 2]

aww sh-t
i’m really k!lling tho
how long does this song go?

[verse 3]
mantas you know i have to do it to ya still
hear the same -ss joke feel like i’m taking deja vu pills
i didn’t make the jump with tequila in the system
but with your wack as jokes the whole group is a victim
same old joke
same old joke
why won’t you find some thing new so i can really bring the smoke
i’m really feeling lit fam is not the one you should provoke
cause when i call your -ss out all you gonna do is choke
i’m thinking maybe you should find some new sh-t b-tch i do sh-t, i’m the best to ever speak it, i’m the peak b-tch
my minds a freak i just think that yours is slow, and i’m on a roll, cause it’s easy for me when you say the same joke over and over again like a broken vinyl
b-tch my word is final
listen it’s very vital
i’ll speak clearly as i go
you are soft got no spinal
and i’m not gonna stop with the flow
you will not be saved by the outro
you can cut off your ears like van gogh
tik tok is future you know
now i turn my attention to shubow
feel the burn as i spark the flow
you think you’re funny but lost the vote
my trump card forever so i gloat
and i’m making history everyone knows
and your just a tiny foot note
and i’m just the rap game goat
please do not ever misquote
i’m sorry i had to record
shail your too old to skateboard
i miss the old shail the nice one
who drove the beat up accord
we’re almosst done, lit fams has won
oh how the time has p-ssed by
i hope this tape explains my case
138 reasons why..