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letra de my new chapter - lirim morina


this is my new chapter, the book that’s unfolding is what you can’t handle
the truth that’s preached will make all the illusions get shattered
the light of the words shining like the sun, you gonna burn like dracula

people have a sight but they don’t have the f-cking vision to strike the mission
i was sent to make an impact for all the lives, bringing sparks for these who wanna be winning
this reprograms your subconscious mind, getting rid of the mindset of a victim

you’re the master of your f-cking mind
you gotta dig deep into the toxic patterns, too d-mn right
rip out the roots that made a miserable disaster on your life
we live in a spiritual battle, demons i strangle, i k!ll them all on sight
life be like gta, you gotta play the game, don’t let the game play you
if you wanna be the great, you gotta make the change, with no change you’ll be the same fool
we live in a world so fake that people be scared when you stay true
if you feed on gossip, drama, hate, then what does that f-cking make you?
a b-tch that is toxic, karma ain’t even gonna hesitate to break you
they came and went, like money, how funny? they wanna catch me up at the same route
you claim you can surf on my wave
you end up in a vortex then your neck’s gonna break loose
but who am i to blame you?
its not your f-cking fault that you trapped in a cage dude
you were programmed to be this way, true
from all the narratives and all the fake news
man i see straight through they be hiding everything in f-cking plain view
this chapter is about keeping your standards higher
mind over matter, climb your ladder
let the snakes burn in fire
become the chosen one, be your own messiah
i don’t owe you sh-t, i’m just here to spread the wise words
evil spirits know that i’m too strong, me they can’t bother
if they got a f-cking problem, i be out to divide and conquer
we fight against ourselves in the mental dungeon, if you don’t master this then you can’t barely function
your whole life turns out to be a lack of struction, easy does it that they gonna control you like a f-cking puppet
fighting through the gates of h-ll is how you elevate
work for inner peace, that’s how you reach the heavens gate
the sleep walkers always want sh-t that makes them entertained
sick of wishy washy people wanna do stuff but still hesitate
man you gotta become obsessed with pain, turn it into wisdom and it gives endless strength
imagine everything you wanna really make, you gotta ill-strate in your mind and live as if it’s already made
then embrace the best version of you, become better than you were yesterday

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