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letra de the ballad of ronnie buttons – lionize


deep down in virginia, there was born a child
to a lovely widow, sensitive but wild
he grew up meek and mellow
the girls all called him cute
he watched his mother’s murder, it left him dumb & mute

he drifted up to richmond, in his hand: his father’s hat
a colt revolver hidden in his trench coat, worn and black
there he met a porter, late to catch a train
he shot him for a quarter, he stole his ticket and his name
then he rode into manhattan, 14th street
a folded photo in his pocket of the man he came to meet

there a man sat strumming, a rusty steel guitar
picking out a love song, about a lady and her car
“i know why you’re here”, the old man sang in time
“your old lady is no longer, and you’ve pinned me for the crime
before i am dispatched, there’s something i gotta say
your momma tried to trade you for a brand new chevrolet
so i stabbed her in the heart, and i thought you were asleep
and when i saw your eyes were open, i knew you’d never speak
i couldn’t leave you thinking you were made to give away
so i left you with a photo, and here you stand today”

“that tune you heard me played, that song was just for you
i’ve been waiting 20 years, so do what you gotta do”
a watch was slowly set in the eerie pregnant pause
the man had took his family, but left him with a cause
and as the daylight faded, stretching warming over the floor
they hummed the tune together, and outside the engines roared