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letra de queen - lindon


this song is dedicated
to all the girls out there
just gotta let you know
something real quick
in case you feel like
you have no one else to talk to

you’re a queen
and i hope you know your worth
never settle for anything less
than you deserve
learn to appreciate
your beauty from within
cus beauty goes deeper
than the surface of the skin
i know you feel pressure
and sometimes life is hard
but take a moment
sit outside and look up at the stars
what you’ll find is every little star
looks so perfect
and just like them
you were made to shine with a purpose
take a deep breathe
and say i love myself
sometimes you gotta kiss
maybe hug self
cus if you don’t love yourself
n0body else will
and if you’re not real with yourself
then what’s real?
a man can only love you
as much as you love yourself
so make sure you get rid of
any pain you once felt
learn to express
and let go of past traumas
you can’t lie to yourself
it’s time to be honest
even though it hurts at first
you’re on the right track
and if you fall
then you gotta bounce right back
i know these boys drive you crazy
but never let em’ disrespect you as a lady
i know it ain’t easy being a woman
but you’re the woman of my dreams
sometimes you question yourself
but you shouldn’t
cus babygirl you’re a queen
never feel guilt
don’t cry over spilt milk
everything happens for a reason
just keep it real with yourself
appreciate your family
cus no one else
is gonna love you like they do
i hope you seek the truth
i hope your dreams come true
i hope you know you don’t need makeup
cus you look better natural
please take care of your health
watch what you eat
and learn to heal yourself
and when it comes to wealth
your true worth
isn’t based on a salary
cus if you’re rich at heart
that means way more to me
we all have voids that we gotta fill
it’s called self love
not taking pills
i know you try to drink
your pain away
but hey
that all stops today
cus i wanna see you
live a long, beautiful life
babygirl you’re a queen
take a kings advice
drops mic