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kill all minorities - lil weenie


and certainly, i spoke to my people
it’s a witch hunt, it’s a sham, it’s a hoax
uh, nothing was done wrong
0 was done wrong
i think it’s a horrible thing
to be using the tool of impeachment

[verse one]
k!ll all minorities, that’s not a f-cking cap
watching child p-rn
while my cheeks are getting f-cking clapped
holding young b-tches down, getting [?]
for some help
didn’t use a condom even though she’s only 12
black people, time to hang them to some trees
pull up to the school, going on a k!lling spree
whites are amazing, they are the greatest race
those gross black people will always just be aids

evеrybody type in the chat “alex is a stupid n-gga”

[verse two]
k!ll all minoritiеs, that’s not a f-cking cap
these stupid sand n-ggers need to go back to iraq
got an 8 year old girl and she’s riding on my d-ck
f-ck all of mexico and you gross f-cking spics
little f-cking jews
time to put them in the gas chamber
k!lling all these greedy kikes
i’m the f-cking white savior
was gonna rape some women
but they started to run
when i shoot up my school, i just do it for fun
saw a little boy, now my d-ck’s hard as wood
burning a f-cking cross while i’m in the white hood
parents always hate me when their kid goes missing
little kids in my van and their p-ss be dripping
the blacks always hate me
when i’m gunning them down
f-ck the pride parade
these f-ggots look like, bunch of clowns
say n-gga

[verse three]
k!ll all minorities, that’s not a f-cking cap
saw a little kid, so he bout to get kidnapped
i rape my little sister, cause she looking like a hottie
beaner came near my house
so i grab the f-cking shotty
i’m about to turn my school
into a motherf-cking battlefield
you gross f-cking n-ggers need to
go back to the cottonfields
beaners try to cross that
say we shoot them at the border
oh, race war started
i’m the one who gave the order
my sister fell asleep, so i tore off her clothes
the white people race, no counseling pros
jews are evil, we should send them back to camps
made the blacks starve to death and we took the [?]
adolf hitler was the second coming at jesus
at the abortion clinic with my d-ck in a fetus

go back to your country
white power
[verse four]
k!ll all minorities, that’s not a f-cking cap
now i got a little kid
there ain’t no need to go and fap
we [?] out here
always k!lling them stupid f-cking blacks
[?] time to give her ass a little smack
little muslim child, his neck, i’m about to snap

k!lled all the minorities, i told you, i don’t cap



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