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letra de a dedication - lil' wayne


a dedication

[andre benjamin]
it’s just my interpretation, of the situation

[lil wayne]
yeah, and this is my dedication
what’s poppin? (dedication 4) hoe
and this is dedicated, first off
to my city (a dedication)
the lost city of new orleans
but um, i wanna speak to my city
and i wanna let them know that
we can’t be lost for long
and we d-mn sure can’t be lost forever
so it’s time to find ourselves
within all that water
within all that dirt, within all that blood
within all that pain, within all them cries
it’s time to find ourselves
new orleans, because
memories are everything
when i say memories are everything, i mean
it’s important what you are remembered by
and trust me
i, you, we don’t wanna be remembered as the lost city
rather be remembered as the city that found glory after all that tragedy
strength, yeah!
also i built a skate park down there to get them kids off the streets
you’re welcome!! but ummmmm
we gotta get up mayne…
f-ck it! rise above it, yeah
so, lotta people ask me, what’chu gon’ do for yo’ city
i be like – motherf-cker? ye’ ain’t hear what you just said?
what’chu gon’ do for yo’ city motherf-cker?
that’s my city! therefore i still got family members, in that city mayne!
what the f-ck i’ma do for them, y’knahmean?
and i do my best, trust me
and that’s what the f-ck i do for my city, yeah
i do this behalf of my city man
that’s what the f-ck i do for my city, i do me, for my city
so therefore, i am remembered by… my city
ya dig?
and this is also dedicated to
them b-tch n-gg-z
you hoe n-gg-z
you p-ssy n-gg-z
you broke n-gg-z, yeah
f-ck you with a sick d-ck – pause
i cain’t stand you p-ssy–sses
and this also dedicated
to them rat b-tches
first off… them chocolate women
i know talk about them yellow b-tches and red b-tches all the time
but umm, this dedicated to them chocolate women
ya dig? i ain’t say b-tches or hoes i gotta chill down, hehehe
yeah, and this is dedicated to the yellow b-tches and the red b-tches
uhh, y’knahmtalkinbout? uhh
this also dedicated to my n-gg-z, my homies
they still pump that b-ss, hehehe
fo’-nick’ with a d-ck n-gg- (yeah)
what’chu gon’ do about that? (god, d-mn)
this dedicated to all my muh’f-ckin n-gg-z that f-cks with me, pause
been down with me since day one
n-gg-z that been down with me since day two
n-gg-z that been down with me since today
it’s love n-gg-
and uh, this also dedicated to the motherf-ckers that helped out this mixtape
my n-gg- mike banga, that n-gg- young jeezy
jae millz, j. cole, j gudda, lil flo, lil mouse
the beautiful nicki minaj
dj drama, that n-gg- taz bo, mack maine
you know what it is, stunna man
all young money cash money n-gg-z
this also dedicated to my skatin n-gg-z
trukfit truk the world, 5-0
e.g.k., you know what it is
supra, all that sh-t
shout out to the whole skatin world
i appreciate y’all for acceptin a real n-gg-
bustin my -ss and sh-t but umm, pause
i get it
we that sh-t n-gg-, f-ck wrong wit’chu?
and this also dedicated to you
whoever you are, wherever you are, however you are
i hope i’m remembered
[outkast continues to the right before the end]
(d4) hoe, rest in peace chris lighty

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