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letra de in bum hole - lil wang


woah !
look at that china man tryna ride a horse
what the f-ck is that?

yeahh, im gonna take my horse to eat eggroll
im gonna forest till i can’t nomo
im gonna eat 5 [?] meal of noodle
im gonna f-ck yo mother in bumhole

[verse 1]
i do yo mother in the back
she like it like that
not saying that im big but she think t-tan attack
i wanna eat yo pooch f-ck you mean yo mother cooch
with my big p-n-s imma make yo motha loose

can’t n0body touch my dumpling
you can’t touch my dumpling
white people can’t use chopsticks
they can’t use chopsticks

[verse 2]
riding in a honda
reading on my manga
drifting to intial-d deja vu mothaf-cka
my life is a anime tentacles and tiddies
farmer hat from gucci
dream to be hokage

your mother likes to call me ling-ling
why does she call me ling-ling
and she like to eat my dumplings
she like to eat my dumplings

yeah im gonna f-ck yo motha in bumhole
she gonna fly like a naruto
im gonna f-ck yo motha in bumhole
she gonna cry like a naruto