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letra de plans - lil tjay


lyrics from snippet

got love for all my fans
but sometimes this sh-t get stressful, i’m like d-mn
i jet a pass a level in advance
i still be on my mans and you can see i’m stickin’ to the plan
they were all the ones that started from the sand
and you ain’t gotta like me but for sure you gon’ acknowledge who i am
i’m the youngest n-gga doin’ it, like, d-mn
been a minute, i ain’t been droppin’, time to go crazy
when i told ’em, “i really got it”, they were so shady
i been knew i would hit the top and it wasn’t no maybe
and all this sh-t could stop, that’s if you go lazy
out of my mind but i’ma always keep goin’
wastin’ no time and i think all that sh-t showin’
it’s painin’ my mind, it hurt me time after time
i got a pain in my spine with so much memories, just flowin’
one time for my real n-ggas (real ones)
one time for my n-ggas locked down (down)

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