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letra de riot* - lil skies


lyrics from snippet

oh yeah, she goin’
oh no, i’m in it

[verse 1]
i had to go get ’em in it
i had to take me a minute
i had to take me a pill
i’m high, she know what to do
i’m doing this sh-t for the thrill
i really don’t get no chills
i really got houses on hills
i really be chilling with bill
i had to go get it
we selling whole fidgets
i told them don’t fidget
i’m really trappin’ in here
you cannot come in here
we shootin’ like john deer
we do not show no fear
we do not trust anybody
i tell ’em like john gotti
i had to get out of there ’cause i know these n-ggas won’t stop me
i’m drippin’ like h-ll, wasabi
flexed up, i stunt in like a posi
we ain’t really shootin’ no fear
lil shawty got lips, i’m glossy
and she suck me up in the lobby (yeah)

it’s a lot of weed to roll up
why you askin’ questions shawty?, i just wanna f-ck
count a lot of money, n-gga you can’t add it up
what is trust?, get that lil b-tch some dust

[verse 2]
no, we don’t got no keys, i press to start and hit the dancin’, go
she just wanna f-ck with me, i hit that ass, she drop it low
drop a bag, i spend a feta, opps they really wanna know
is he really cashin’ out?, is that young n-gga broke?
f-ck with me, you can get rocked, you can get roped
i just walked inside the club and i was dancin’ with my pole
i don’t really trust n0body, i can never trust a soul
i walk in, i’m poppin’ tags, which one?, eeny, meeny, moe