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letra de base - lil skies


ay, a new one
ay, a new one

we get like 2 for 1 like it’s a coupon
i ain’t worried ’bout that b-tch, i got a few of ’em
i ain’t worried ’bout that opp, i get a new gun
we gon’ get right to the salad, that no crouton
we gon’ take it to that motherf-ckin’ base
this that talkin’ sh-t, then say it to my face
tell the lawyer, we ain’t tripping money for the case
i just walked in, i poured a four inside a vase
i can’t trust n0body ’cause i know these n-ggas fake
who are you? you ain’t me, we can’t relatе
shawty wanna stay the night i tell her pump your brakеs
gotta get back to it, all that bullsh-t gotta wait
it’s no cap in my raps, my n-gga why would i-