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letra de mad rich - lil savvy


i’m mad rich , that’s why yo bitxh on my d-ck
im mad rich that’s why my n-ggas wit the sh-ts
i’m mad rich and i still don’t pay for sh-t
i’m mad rich yea i’m mad rich
im mad rich that’s why i stay with all that work
i’m mad rich cuz i sold on them percs
i’m mad rich i make yo b-tch go berzerk
i’m mad rich yea i’m mad rich
i don’t give a d-mn bout instagram , cuz i’m real life i’m the f-ckin man , these n-ggas real kappas , but i’m a real trapper , in the streets i’m like hercules , the cameras on me say cheese , finessing cuz you so green , she had a guy but she choose me , she wanna join the winning team, savvygang is like a family , derez deshon took the harderway but savvy took smarter way , these n-ggas acting real , had to do a mj fadeaway ,, what’s her name call her bae , hurrican chris , aye bae bae