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letra de tonight - lil pink


[lil pink – verse]
i always, i always knew this world was gray it’s only gotten darker, only gotten harder
i don’t think i’m getting any farther i’m missing my father
i feel just like him lately got a new lady, i wanna give her the world
she deserves it

daddy used to flip when mommy would slip now she got a busted lip
i feel so alone and deserted i wanna do better in this life
but i’m slipping and life is the uppercut
i feel like i’ve been punished why do i have to suffer
wish my dad would’ve wore a rubber
life’s a bummer but can i cry about it? no

so that’s why you’rе in here tonight, my dear in this basеment tonight
don’t even try to put up a fight
your breast look nice in this pale moonlight
nice night to feed on your flesh
i’m gonna peel you like a potato, gonna f-ck your skull right
carve out your p-ssy, use it as a fleshlight

ay don’t worry when you’re dead, i’ll keep you around
use a toilet bowl scrubber to clean you out, she’s dead
so i don’t gotta tell her to watch her mouth no more

i’m not wired, right in my brain watch how i pull out her t–th with these pliers
when she was alive, she was such a f-cking liar
put some platinum wet lube, up in her mouth i’m tryna f-ck her socks off
wait, did her jaw just fall off
ayy, use her as a cold, dead fleshlight between me and her, i can’t tell who’s more dead inside

[jamie madrox- verse]
tonights the night, lookin’ in their eyes don’t mind the knife, how about the lies
how about the time? you made me feel invincible

less than a person, critical, literal k!ller b-tch slash it like red wine spiller
hammer crashing like bones are bustin’ and keep the scalp for this custom coat
soft like chinchilla, i got the hold up
what is the hold up? i’m pressin’ your luck

you will not witness, this used to be your love
now i give no f-cks tired of cryin’ alone inside
when on the outside it looks like i’m mindin’ my business
as god as my witness, i’m tryna end this

i’m tryna end this
the leader ascended
went from bein’ in love to bein’ offended
and i never pretended

that i felt anything that i didn’t
all of the pain, i would never forget it
i fell out of reach, cause your grasp couldn’t get it
and now you’re just tied to a chair and covered in blood
instead of my love, this sh-t is pathetic
like a horror aesthetic
this sh-t is pathetic
now you’re so apologetic

this sh-t is pathetic
instead of callin’ me back
this sh-t is pathetic
i probably should just go and call you a medic

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