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letra de baulin in da city - lil' o


baulin in da city
(feat. big t)

whoa yeah, welcome to texas b-tch…

[hook: big t]
a piece and chain, and my wirst looking glitty
my top let down, and my broad looking pretty
i’m balling in the city, (i’m balling in the city)
i’m balling in the city, (i’m balling in the city)
everyday, i’m choking on that good smoke
sipping on drank, pouring up some big moe
i’m balling in the city, (i’m balling in the city)
i’m balling in the city, (i’m balling in the city)

[lil’ o]
two birds in my couch, money in my pouch
when i pull out the drop, all the haters say ouch
sugarland crib, you don’t wanna see the house
i am fat rat with the cheese, man this ain’t no mickey mouse
clout i live it, shout i did it
wanna come up in the game, better watch my visit
put some piece in your grind, homie get your bread up
i’m a beast when i grind, cause i never let up
i bet ya start plotting, when ya get fed up
then you being broke, get to boxing head up
my att-tude is rude, and my chick is spoiled rotten
how the f-ck i look, in the field picking cotton


[lil’ o]
whoa, riding down 59 at night time
i get chills, when i look at that sky line
cause then i look at my wirst, and see that i’m fine
my wrist, looking just like them lights look how i shine
whoa, downtown is going down
cut through the school, smell like i been blowing pounds
told my partna with the burner, ay hold me down
keep your eyes open, cause the jack boys moving round
yeah, i’m such a god d-mn playa
in the h, man i’m bigger than the d-mn mayor
man this wrist of mine, will make a grown man stare
make a b-tch open her legs, like d-mn hair


[lil’ o]
when i do it, man i overdo it
hit the finish line, ran a range rover through it
the first time i hit six figgas, man you know i blew it
swore that next time, i’d be smarter like a harvard student
whoa, got my money back on track
instead the plans, did the hemi thang black on black
now all the broads that was talking down, back on sack
when they try to hop in front, i tell em naw hop in back
whoa, fat rat with the cheese n-gg-
ask around man, these boys know me n-gg-
bet they tell ya, i’m a triple o.g. n-gg-
this ain’t no front or an act, this is me n-gg-