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letra de without needing help - lil k.z. ise


[lil k.z. ise – verse]
nvr gave a f-kk what a prson gut to d-nk
i’m the only one with people thinkin’ that i got alot of pinkz
don’t f-kk with me or else you’ll get knokk out
alot of these pp have to do is that they really knokk doubt
i never have anyone that believ’d in me in order to see
i luv myself no matter what happenz
i shuld rely to myself without needing help
i’ll alwayz ride and die with the homiez from our label
i will tiе you up and feeling shok’d if you feel that i’m lame like a kablе
i’m a insane motherf-kk that i’m really am f-kkin’ disable