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letra de a happy voda birthday - lil diabetes


ooooh you know who it is
it’s lil’ diabetes on the track!
ay, with voda wake (with voda wake)
it’s his birthday (it’s your birthday son)
happy voda (a happy voda)
birthday (birthday!)

[verse 1]
i say it
in my bones and
lil’ diabetes on the f-cking track n–ga
you know, what’s up
a happy voda birthday because it’s his birthday
so what?
i’m gonna give him nothing because i’m just kidding and he is actually gonna get something for his birthday he is gonna get racks

all that sh-t
lil’ diabetes on the track, on the mix
so what we gon’ say? what we gon’ do?
voda wake is gonna say something very cool

[verse 2] [voda wake]
it’s my birthday tho
you’re a f-cking hoe
i’m gonna shake my pants
cuz it gives me
constipation, and every time
i’m going to die of cancer
and i’m really swag
i’m going to sh-t my, pants!
[verse 3]
happy voda birthday, you know what’s up
lil’ diabеtes on the track and i’m gonna give him a hug
i hopе that wasn’t, or, that didn’t sound g-y but i don’t give a f-ck
who gives a sh-t, voda wake’s birthday is up
or its here (bro it ain’t up bro it’s now)
this sh-t we bout to turn up
first he had christmas, and now he has his birthday
i bet he got so much amazon cards its gonna, fill up the roof
and bunch of racks, and bunch of cash
you already know
put this sh-t in the air, lil’ diabetes on the track
if you don’t know who voda wake is then you’re uncultured
ay, ay, gang up in this b-tch, n–ga
voda wake birthday up, and you know what is f-cking up
lil’ diabetes on the mother f-cking track it’s his birthday!

[verse 4]
we’re gonna eat so much cake
that i’m gonna get fatter and voda wake is-
i don’t f-cking know, i don’t know his f-cking height
ay! i’m gonna eat that f-cking cake (ayy!)
i’m gonna eat it for his, birthday (what?)
yeah! (i don’t-)

you already know the f-cking drill bro
everyone wish happy birthday to voda wake or you’re stinky bruh!
you stinky!
i ain’t f-cking around with y’all stinky mother-