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letra de zombi3 g1rl (feat. korpsebunny) - lil clipz


i don’t know, yeah
i don’t know, yeah
i don’t know what got a hold of me (yeah)
started stabbing, find it [?]
i started seeing improvement inside of me
why do i keep on running?

too fast yeah
too fast yeah
i can’t catch up (whoa)
i can’t catch up (yeah)
want your love (yuh)
want your love
can’t get your heart
can’t get none

yeah, your love

my heart
i keep on running all the [?], all the [?]
i know she’ll stab me in my back, yeah my back yeah
i’m in the castle looking down, looking down y-y-yeah

they all wanna burn it down (yeah)
i barely backed out
and i seen her around in town (yeah)
i really might throw up (yeah)
and i’m spinnin’ round and round
in my mind can’t give no f-cks (yeah)
[?] might go [?]
i can really f-ck it up
in thе fortune f-ck it up

and you said you want me back
but you don’t know how to act
and you nevеr gave a f-ck
always a stupid starstruck

gave you all my f-cking love
but you broke my f-cking heart
now i have to make you hurt
i wanna see your blood spurt

eat your brains and spill your guts
leave you with no f-ckin’ pulse
i’m a stupid zombie wh0re
walking dead, sl-tty corpse

eat your body [?]
do you still want me back?
eat my motherf-king ass
and don’t tell me to relax

girl you run away (yeah)
why you go so fast (why)
girl don’t run away (away)
i just want you back
zombie girl she eat my brain (brain)
i don’t wanna die (yuh)
i just want to see her
girl please come back

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