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letra de zest fest 2024 - lil chromozome


welcome my friends to zest fest 2024
sit back, stroke your c-ck, maybe get some head, and enjoy the performance. by yours truly, lil chromozome

[verse 1]
everybody wants to know what i did to my friend’s booty hole
i don’t really know
these people wanna ask and bring up so many questions
if i truly understood that my friend was not raised in the hood
then maybe i could
these ops have been on me and now i’m arrested

my friend begs me to f-ck him. maybe i should go give him a rim
his d-ck is so slim
but it doesn’t really matter for my booty
there is something you should see when he sticks his fat c-ck inside me
gonna take a little leak
when he pulls it out you should see all my ass hair

master, please, i need more c-ck. it’s so good
doll, not right now, zest fest is in session. can’t you see the guests?
oh right, i’m sorry master. i’ll go back downstairs

[verse 2]
everybody wants to see what kind of things i do privately
like taking a pee
but you won’t understand what i do is for the better
it’s best that you never know or i might have to put on a show
your brain is so slow
have you noticed there’s cum dripping all the way down your sweater?
jumping on a trampoline. turn my toilet into a time machine
you know it’s my dream
everybody is going ape sh-t from my actions
what is wrong with a little rape? all i wanted was to see it gape
and make a s-x tape
now he’s looking zesty and he has some new passion

i am gonna f-ck your b-tt. but you know that that is not enough
it might get stuck
and that is not what i wanna do with you now
you should really shave your ass, that way i can get my d-ck right past
the stinky gas
and the hairs that block my way to paradise

[verse 3]
it is time for some zest, and you already know what this means, i’m gonna spread his booty cheeks
if you want to join me in the fest that is full of zest and s-x, then you should feel free to enjoy yourself

[verse 4]
i just sold my f-cking soul to the one who’s v-card i just stole
i ate his hole
and now he cannot stand up from the beating
of his fat ol bussy lips. i might have to help and grab his hips
before he dips
into the ground because his strength’s depleting
i will show you what to do when a boy named drake comes after you
you grab your shoes
and you run away like there is no tomorrow
for if that guy catches you, he will swing his dingaling at you
and you won’t get through
he’s way too h-rny and he’s way too zesty

if we keep on going with this madness, we will have some problems with a bad b-tch
you know that we cannot be dealing with people that don’t wanna be used for s-x

[verse 5]
i was happy for a time, until i was accused of a crime
haven’t stole a dime
but the cops don’t care and they will shoot right at me
but i stop them with my hands. use my powers then i do a dance
then i take the stands
and i’ll make a declaration to be zesty

now i’m getting really sad that this journey that we all have had
which might’ve been bad
is coming to a very emotional ending
you will never get to see what will become of my friend and me
we’ll forever be
the one’s that f-ck all day and never stop it
i will make sure that he will be submissive at netflix and chill
i use my sk!ll
and he will know how it feels to get some -n-l
now it’s time to end this show. one more time i’ll f-ck his booty hole
and you’ll all know
that this guy will always be my s-xual partner

thank you. thank you so much. it has been on honor to host zest fest 2024. alright my friend, now it’s time for you and me to get zesty. bend over! and spread it!
yes master, as you wish
(very s-xual moans) oh my god! that was straight fire on the track!
well guys, that was the end of the storyline. i’m glad you guys followed along. i’m going to go back to f-cking my friend, because he’s my s-x doll from now on. f-ck you all. you in the back too, f-ck you. and f-ck you mason. oh and f-ck you darren, alex, leah, adrian, and ryan. f-ck you. f-ck you! f-ck you!

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