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letra de where virgins die - lil chromozome


welcome class of 2027 to s-xington university, the place where virgins die. you are here to learn how to f-ck people and rape them if they don’t want it. so, listen carefully to my instructions and you will understand why this place is where virgins die

[verse 1]
shaking booty in the back and i’m never backing down
hit my b-lls like a hacky sack and make em move around
go spread eagle on the ground, getting moist like patrick star
blasting music in the house and getting freaky in the car
i be spending all this cash just to buy a couple perks
i keep telling all my chicks to lend me money from they purse
i said i would pay them back when i would get a hundred dollars
but if they just want some d-ck then all they gotta do is holler

i ain’t gonna back down for a thing
we up on this gang sh-t all the way
gotta lose my v-card on this day
i’m gonna lose it b-tch!

chasing girls down and i’m never gonna stop it
get them wet and moist and then i get a ring so i can lock it
stretch her booty to the ceiling, then i tell my b-tch to pop it
can i make it clap or will it flap around like it’s a-

um, sir? i’m sorry to interrupt but your not really telling us how to not be virgins. you’re more or less just telling your life story. can you please tell us how to not be virgins? i would like to get some p-ssy
wesley, we both know you’re not ever getting p-ssy. but listen close to my message and you will get the hint, ok?
well that was kind of mean
[verse 2]
i was looking to the back, but i turned back around
dropping bars on sunday evenings when i go to goobertown
i was planning on doing -n-l with my girl and i was down
then i saw her chocolate starfish and her hole was dirty brown
i just flipped this girl off and i told her go away
she’s too ugly for my d-ck and i sensed her dad was g-y
i just want to live my life and get ridiculous amounts of coochie
maybe earn some extra money and buy some things that make me boujee (what are you talking about?)

f-ck her on the couch and then she turned (what does that even mean?)
spitting in her mouth like she’s a bird (gross)
tweet tweet tweet mother f-cka, tweet tweet (what the f-ck?)

i grab her by the forehead, and then i f-ck her face
but her b-tch ass cannot handle when i’m going at my pace
i will eat that filthy booty every time i run it up
she keeps begging me to stop but i will never get enough!

[verse 3]
tickle my pickle (excuse me?)
play around with my d-ck hole (no)
you know that sh-t be dirty (it probably is)
man i’m all white and nerdy (i mean you are white)
he lubes up his b-tt and i like it (why?)
i know he just wants me to pipe it (no i don’t)
and for real though, i just might then (why would you do that?)
it’s time to go g-y!
[verse 4]
everyone is asking what it’s like to be a h0m-
get to my knees and give a sloppy then i put that sh-t in slo-mo
working that magic everyday now i be busting like a circuit
he came to my door and pulled his pants down and he told me i should twerk it
i was shaking i was bopping, until he told me to stop
he got down onto his knees then he told me he’s a top
so i crawled onto his d-ck and then i forced my way straight down
it was big and black and brolic but he took my ass to town (how does this relate to p-ssy?)

bro just left me starving for some d-ck! (what!?)
didn’t even finish what he hit! (oh god!)
got me squirting all up out my cl-t! (ew!)
man my booty wet! (stop!)

now it’s time for me to put an end to this obsession
so much g-y p-rn on my mind has got me hiding my confession
using my d-ck for my own purpose was a little bit too selfish
but i cannot help myself from all these feelings that i relish

arg arg arg arg arg

oh! (dies of lack of oxygen) that class, was straight fire on the track!
you know what- that’s it! i’m dropping this class, you’re not teaching me anything about how to get p-ssy!
oh no no no no no. wesley, you’ve got it all wrong. you’re not dropping this class, i’m dropping you! rahhhh!
(throws wesley out of window)
alright class. now that wesley’s gone, i can finally teach you how to get some p-ssy

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