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letra de i'm a dog - lil chromozome


you really think i don’t know how to rap?
i’m a shih-tzu. i was raised on rap
and now i’m going to take a sh-t in your shoe
no you’re not
shut the f-ck up human! i’m in charge!

[verse 1]
b-tch i’m a dog ruff ruff
ruff da ruff ruff ruffady ruff
run through the streets with my f-cking leash on
spot a chihuahua to spill my seed on
humans say no to breeding others dogs
but i do what i want cause that b-tch is my john
barking out the window, make em stay away
come any closer and i’ll pee on yo leg

i was raised as a crip
bite his d-ck and we consider that drip
little red rocket ain’t functional
like my owners’ son dysfunctional
wipe my booty on the new carpet
my owner told me to go to the shart pit
woah man i ain’t doing that gangatron
you a freak for real for real
[verse 2]
shake that wild thang
you ain’t seen a thang
all real crit letang
i’ll show you a thang
oh you wanna have a bark off don’t you? (yeah)
alright then! bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark
bark! barrrk! ahhh!

[verse 3]
owner told me that i had to shut up
how bout you pee with the f-cking seat up
don’t tell me what i can or can’t do
when i need to go imma take a big poo
going outside for the female husky
smell her cooch and it’s a little bit musty
i like it when it’s a little bit crusty
i also like it when the cheeks are f-cking fluffy!

grandma came over to babysit
but little did she know that i had a d-ck
i shoved it in her b-tt then she had a stroke
it was recorded because she was on the remote!
i went to her funeral
it was sad for them but for me it was casual
i knew what k!lled her though
you know what!? because you k!lled my grandma, you’re going back to the shelter!
ruff! what do you think that’s going to do gangatron? i was raised as a crip, just accept it
oh that was straight fire on the track!
ruff ruff!

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