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letra de access denied - lil boodang


big grip on ’em, got the big nuts
big boy, you know what the f-ck is up
big b-tch on me, big tits, homie
big ass in the m-th-f-ckin’ cut
thick b-tch with big loop rings
baby o come through like the rain
straight bouncin’, bouncin’, joustin’, joustin’
beat the, eat the p-ssy up, straight poundin’, poundin’
lean with it, rock with it, shimmy shimmy ya
hustle for the cheddar, got the sticky on my side
keen for the guap, i can see in my eye
feel it in my palms, got me itchin’ for the 5
true pimp, m-th-f-cka, no simp
shank a m-th-f-cka, got the wap on the hip
true pimp, m-th-f-cka, no simp
beat a m-th-f-cka, that be hatin’ on my sh-t