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letra de in down bad - lil' b


in down bad

bruh i’m in down bad bruh, bruh i’m in down bad bruh, bruh i’m, i’m down bad bruh, bruh i’m f-cking with these cuh, bruh i’m in down bad bruh, bruh i’m in down bad bruh, bruh i’m in down bad bruh

yes, i might have to hit him with a chop dog, low key knock em off, d-mn bruh down bad dog, i’m thinking about heaven dog, i’m thinking about throwing lead at ya’ll, shots at the court like basketball, b-tch mob knock em all, d-mn bruh they going to knock em all, d-mn bruh it’s a dirty game, out in the game, i’m so ashamed, d-mn bruh i love keykey, d-mn bruh i’ll do you bad b-tch, f-ck f-cking a bad b-tch, i’m on a hunt i’ll murk a n-gg-, real talk i’ll shirt a n-gg-, p-ssy wet i’ll squirt a n-gg-, d-mn bruh i’m a goon man, but these n-gg-s is so f-cking creep, thinking about killing young n-gg-s, man the game is so f-cking deep, bruh i ain’t even a bad person, dog this just life dog, n-gg-s f-cked me dead over, no i ain’t signed to [?], real talk i still love, real talk man, i’m a f-cking real thug, i don’t know bruh to each is own, real talk i’ll flex the chrome, house the b-tch and in the cage, i think of all the [?], n-gg-s push me catch the fade, n-gg-s push me to hold the k, long range, ra, ain’t nothing like a shotgun, come in my house i’m a pop one, you a pill i’m a pop one, turn me in when the cops come, i’m just trying to live my life, but the evil want to stop some, i ain’t trying to end up like boosie, cause these n-gg-s is trying to do me, don’t wanna be like c murder, down bad charles with a murder, might have to red search him, they f-cking with me cuh, d-mn i’m doing bad bruh white flame…

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