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letra de 1999 (feat. rymeeze) - lesso


this 20 years felt like 40 i done seen a lot/ cuz i done hit rock bottom i done seen the top/ i been scared for my life had to keep a glock/ i ain’t know what real life was till i seen the block/ i had to learn that all actions have a consequence/ is you ready for that fall when you hop the fence/ if you do it better do that sh-t with confidence/ and if you want me to respond then tell me compliments/

verse 1 (lesso)
ima 99 baby from the city where we talk different/ 30 clip hanging our the wessin make you walk different/ i can go to every single place that you call off limits/ blowing up my phone this b-tch don’t get that i done lost interest/ i just wanna see my brothers make it to the top with me/ legally can’t hold it so the brodie got the glock with him/ hanging with a sucka it ain’t my fault if you get popped with them/ fly to foreign countries get the bag where the guap different

(wanda sykes sample)

and i swear that if you call me a (b-tch!) you get b-tch slapped/ the a.c broke so they asking where my wrist at/ i ain’t with the pillow talk and i ain’t with the chit chat/ invested in like 5 but got 30 for the get back/ bossed up, had to get sauce up/ always on my toes like i’m waiting for the toss up/ anyone online could be a gangsta if they talk tough/ until karma catch him walking through the alley make him cough blood


verse 2 (rymeezee)
in 99 i graduated school high school with my dignity/ slaying rappers slaping 93′ til infinity/ drove a bucket back and forth across the bridge and women loved it/ my att-tude was f-ck it, didn’t stop until i nutted/ haight st. to market, mission to geneva/ blow a 8th with my patnas, baby hit on my beeper/ motorola flip, new mobile phone and chip/ young mogul in the making had em open when i spit/ at the house party 20 deep in jays & girbauds/ rocked designer but was made in the sco/ and you know, all sets tripping it ain’t matter where you stayed and lived/ the funk is on with people that you be hanging with/ bang the cl!ck, slang and flip, or focus on this music too/ move this work or stay legit, about to go on tour soon/ all i ever thought about was women and them foreign coupes/ waking up to a swisher and some orange juice