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letra de kiss fresh freestyle - len (uk)


lyrics from snippet

live and direct
kiss fresh, kiss fm
we got len, know what i’m sayin’
the ‘style ain’t free, but for bempah i’ll run a little somethin’
ayy, hol’ on, ayy
hol’ on, hol’ on, hol’ on

rockin’ maison margiela and maison mihara
presidential rollie white, joe biden
black whip, barack obama
want a type slim one, tall frame, hol’ on
babygirl named solana
if she don’t get sport she’s soap
she want a cartier bracelet, vvs diamonds, white like the cost off holyoke’s
i might swipe him, he got a runny nose
i got a girl from kennington tryna’ be omni-benevolent
she got a man, i don’t find that relevant
yo, the fur came straight from a bear, i feel like i’m leonardo in the revenant
i really done bruk down feeling despairs that [?] physical— yo
get ‘round there and get physical
how he ain’t dead? it’s a miracle
lucky in the visual
bad gyal bad bent back, tip her and i know i can’t handle it
me, i got minerals
me, i got— motion, no rituals
me, i got bad gyals sendin’ visuals
said that she slept with me more time, you ain’t get no sleep
i’ma f— her for weeks
i’ma go get me a pack [?] and pack gone by three
i been living evil, sell it to a friend or foux, money pink ii, but i am not lancey
said she wanna meet fimi, told her pull up but she way too inna
yo, i like bad gyal with boyfriend ‘cause they won’t post our dinner
my rolex tell me i’m rich, these handcuffs tell me i’m a n—-
i’ma hit, take her b—-, take her wrist, take her big playa, hit him in a laser
stick toe, i’m real geeker
b—- please, i got gyal ridin’ me with her knees up
top floor and the salad was caesar
stiff tittydem, they got c cups
i wouldn’t class myself as a leader
the bag comin’ home so they wanna be in vogue
white girl let it go—
yo, i really made manny my home, huh
i really made manny my city, huh
i do it like (igwe aro?)

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