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12ga - left behind


oh they’ve got their targets all lined up in a row, a bullet through the head to k!ll a home

we’re watching as our fellow man is torn into pieces, claiming that it’s their fault act better or find jesus
no one should be carried to their coffin in a bag. what will the body count be before we take it back?

seven words
you have the right to remain silent

it’s like the color of your skin determines how much your life is worth. so many already left dead in the dirt. “don’t k!ll me” shouldn’t be the last thought to fill your head to some their lives are only worth half an ounce of lead

dehumanize and paint them the way they see fit
a criminal, a low life, the worst kind of sc-m
a petty thief who had it coming to him
now he’s six feet deep cause they were intimidated

seven words
no hope
no rights
no one wins

don’t forget this

i hear you mother f-ckers talk about it, but i stay seeing bodies with the mother f-cking chalk around it

learn your rights
save your life