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letra de maelstrom - leechmonger


only through death can you see true life
free of anguish, here to dissolve into light
perish as you lived, by the blade
and from the gallows, i hear the oceans roar

poseidon beckons for his true vengeance
for i have slain his bothers in cold blood
the tempests display of power will soon come forth
earth is soon to flood, for i can feel the waters

stirring, rising, justice formed in a liquid vessel
salted, with order, for someone is bound to pay the price
building a chasm, the depths of which cannot be of nature
pray for us, for surely blood is the only way we’ll leave this place
waves start crashing as rain puddles around us
to the shelter, which won’t hold for too long

view the true malice
all for his brothers
floodgates are open
watered entombment

this violent force of nature, not soon to be forgotten
the water, slowly rising, will show our fears
no escape in sight, this god has pinned us down
and from the shore i can see a violent storm is here

only through death can you see true life

i pick up my dagger, still crusted with blood and warm
as i can see theres just one way to end this
the quest for the tempest of water begins
i must find him and execute him
and destroy anyone who stands in my way
whether it be a mortal man or a god
i must give back what he’s done to me

heaven is circling, h-ll is malevolent
but where shall i end up, when this war is at an end?
by the thousands, i swear this will be your final day
by the thousands, i summon my forces from the dust
by the hundreds, we march above the open sea
you will suffer from the hands of an armada
as we approach the throne, i see you tremble with fear
i gaze into your soul, you know that death is calling you
(death is here for you)

i lift you by your throat
life escapes your eyes, you die slow

you look just like your brothers when you die
i’m glad you never got the chance to say goodbye