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letra de you could have anyone - lee harding


“you could have anyone”

hey girl it’s party night
swoop you in my datsun ‘cherry’
i’m mister average
you’re miss-not-so-ordinary
built like a goddess
everyone knows you’re the hottest girl in school
you’re cool
and everything they all want to be, yeah

you could have anyone
could have anyone
but you’re dancing here
with your arms around me
you could have it all
like candy in the mall, yeah
you could have anyone
but you want
but you want me

here come the golden boys
lord knows i don’t have their muscle
but what i lack in buff
i make up for with my hustle
still everybody in the party’s turnin wonderin
why you’re not here with someone else
and why you’re here with me cos


sometimes it feels as if i’m dreamin
and if i’m dreamin
please just let me be