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letra de live free - lecrae


(feat. sho baraka & jai)

[hook: jai]
i’m free from sin
i win! i win!
i’m free! i’m free!
and no more chains are holding me!
i’m free from death,
got power now,
me kill the flesh
i’m free! i’m free!
(tell the world) i’m gone… i’m gone!

[verse 1: lecrae]
i know when you hear this beat it sound like something to step with
but morals and music you want them separate
like garnish on the side something ya’ll don’t mess with
that christo-centric rap electric
you might like rap that’s wild and wreckless
a soap box for lots young and restless
they got ya head bobbin til ya lose ya necklace
or betta yet bobbin til it leaves you neck less
you know where death is, where no more breath is and 3rd graders learn how to leave you chestless
where god is dissed, dismissed and distant and far from their hearts cause they hard and wicked
sin hates god for real
that’s he’s rarely talked about and he don’t get the m-ss appeal
you might see sin sharin’ a meal that it eats while it cheats on the spouse out seeking a thrill

[verse 2: lecrae]
they walk in the church dressed flyer than sea birds, she came to see him he hopin’ to see her
they motives ain’t right and they heart ain’t either
and over god they choose to feed they fever
see he don’t understand that it’s christ who bled for
every second glance every turn of his head yo
and she don’t really get that
jesus did that
for every time she fantasize about his six pack
they sure like al b
to connect like his brows be
and with they bodies spit in god’s face so foully
sin so
bad it’s a liar
it’s says we on the throne tells god to retire
it’s says he ain’t enough
and it says we want more
is says he ain’t just and it says he ain’t lord
sin is the laugh at his power
rape of his mercy
mock of his patience
it say he ain’t worthy

[verse 3: sho baraka]
i been duped and been schemed
like the lord was cool with my sinning
mocking the cross living unrepented
my sinful life kept us so
i know lord and been king
let him run your life like a
then you’ll start loving his righteousness and we start
looking just like his kids

[bridge: sho baraka]
live free by his mercy and grace
live free by his mercy and grace and tell the world i’m gone
live free by his patience and peace
live free by his patience and peace and tell the flesh i’m gone
live free by his joy and love
live free by his joy and love and tell the l-st i’m gone
live free by his truth and just
live free by his truth and just and tell the hate i’m gone

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