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letra de wonderfully made (139:14) – lazareth


[verse 1]
the galaxies in the sky and the stars that shine
you made it all with your own design
the expanse of the solar system is far beyond comprehension
of our human minds but you transcend our dimensions
you have creativity beyond our wildest dreams
you created the very eyes we use to see
the complexity of life only screams
your beauty and existence for everyone that sees
you designed colour, and smell, and flavour
you put care into everything you made
precisely crafting everything to your favour
and you did it all in only 6 days
the same god that created the earth we walk on and the air we breathe
also created you and me

[verse 2]
yes, he created all of us in his own way
carefully weaving us together, like clay
he crafted every part of our being
and like the artist he is
he loves his work
and is proud of what he did
he created you with a purpose to be just who you are
he made you in his image, pouring out his heart
to have someone to be with
someone to love
with so much care, as gentle as a dove
he proudly made us in his image
every single person, no matter their difference
even if it feels like it is not true
god carefully created and loves you