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letra de seventeen – lazareth


[intro: sinatra sample]
when i was seventeen
it was a very good year
it was a very good year
when i was seventeen

[verse 1]
at sixteen i just wrote sixteens, now
at seventeen, my pen game’s sharper than a guillotine
my friends say i gotta stop playin’ with interlayin’
messages in my records whenever i spit (naw)
that would be insane, i write to release the pain
and maybe make a change with what i lay on a page
this last year has been a total and utter craze
been working on myself and mom, it’s not a phase
still talkin’ with the one that the last was dedicated to
fake friends said we would last but then they withdrew
now i’m looking back, so thankful that you stayed it through
and i know for a fact, that, i can count on you
and look at me now, this song is conscious too
always substance to the music, that i promise you
who i’ll be honest to, when i rock the booth
’cause when i’m making this music, it’s all for you
being eighteen is still a few months away
born four years, after the same day
that pac died and succ-mbed to the grave
now i’m here to make a change, with the music that i make
(yeah, yeah)
you are watching a master at work